Friday, February 14, 2014

CCNA Interview Questions and Answers

Q: What hppends when ping command executes?

Q: What do you know about zenpeck ?

Q:what is stub router?

Q:what is different between cisco router and layer 3 switch

Q:Which Circuit is mostly used by Clients in Frame-Relay PVC or SVC ?

Q:How IEEE Calculate the Cost of Link (ex.. 10mbps is having Cost 100) Is there any formula or any test to calculate it.

Q:Why Operating System Have only 65,535 port Numbers

Q:How does OSPF calculate its Metric

Q:What is the best Difference between RIP, OSPF, EIGRP

Q:What is a protocol

Q:How many Devices does OSPF & EIGRP Support

Q:what do you mean by port triggering?

Q:if i had a video conferencing device why should it is needed to configure a static IP for that,will it not work on the local lan.

Q:If i had 400 computers set in a site how many VLAN i should configure so that i can share a proper bandwith,and also i had two lease line connection of 2Mbps each,

Q: how many seriale interface a managable router has.

Q: if I wanna block all MP3,video sites from cisco 2600 router,how shall i proceed with ACL's??

Q:what is internetworking?

Q: what is ping utility and how to work.

Q:how many vlan can be configured on a single switch

Q:how can we block remote desktop for some user from cisco router through aaccess-list

Q:how will configure Nat

Q: what is AD Value?

Q:Based on the DR AND BDR discussion i want to put one question the question is what is the name of protocol which is responsible;e for DR and BDR selection

Q:why we assingn the wild card mask in the use of ospf and access list.

Q:what is the full fom of ping? (Packet Internet Gopher

Q: what is difference between designated router and backup designated router and explain feature of both router.

Q:Can u convert an ethernet port to a serial port (or) vice versa ?

Q:Which network mask should you place on a Class C network to accommodate a user requirement of ten subnetworks?

Q:Which IEEE standard is used to define Wi-Fi?

Q:Which encapsulation types can be used on leased-line connections?

Q:what is the difference between client mode and server mode of vtp and what is the diffrence betwwen tarnsparent mode and server mode

Q:can we configure multiple as on single router using eigrp

Q: what is the difference between link state routing protocol and distance vector which is better?

Q:what is the difference between eigrp and ospf

Q:what is stp?

Q:what is ip address and what is the difference between the ip address and mac address why we are not using mac address instead of ip address

Q:Which of the following is a routing protocols?

Q: What is an advantage of UDP?

Q:What is SIA (Stuck in Active) in EIGRP?

Q:What is LSA? How many types of LSA used by OSPF version 2??

Q:What is difference between IPv4 & IPv6??

Q:what is diffrence betwwen mpls and frame really

Q:what is diffrence between circit switching and packet switching

Q:what is frame it a circit switching technolgy

Q:What’s the default CDP holdtime in seconds for Cisco routers?

Q:What is CSU/DSU & explain the function????

Q:What is the difference between DTE & DCE???

Q:What is switch priority & why it is used????


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