Monday, August 9, 2010

Package Plesk Backup from the Command Line

If you are unable to package plesk backup from plesk panel then I suggest you manually package the backup from the
command line using "%plesk_bin%\pmm-ras.exe". That is the utility that Plesk
uses internally to package backups for download. Below is the tool's usage
report followed by an example:

--get-dump-list Get local repository files list. Available options --type,
--guid, --id.

--get-ftp-dump-list Get ftp repository files list. Avaiilable option --mask.

--get-dump-info Get local backup info. Available options
--dump-file-specification, --dump-storage, --check-sign.

--get-ftp-dump-info Get ftp backup info. Available option --dump-storage,

--import-file-as-dump Import dump to file. Available options
--dump-file-specification, --dump-storage.

--delete-dump Delete dump. Available options --dump-specification,

--delete-exported-dump Delete exported dump. Available options
--dump-file-specification, --dump-storage.

--get-dumps-storage-credentials Get dump storage credentials. Use
--storage-type to specify storage type.

--rotate-dump Rotate dump. Available options --dump-specification,
--dump-rotation, --guid, --storage-structured, --dump-storage.

--get-domain-dumps-disc-usage Get domain dumps disk usage. Available options
--domain-guid, --owner-guid.

--export-file-as-file Export already exported dump (even splitted) to one
file. Available options --dump-specification, --dump-file-specification.

--help Display this help page.

--type=arg Plesk Object Type. Used with --get-dump-list

--guid=arg Guid of object who wants to see list of backups. Used with

--id=arg (=-1) Database ID of object. Used with --get-dump-list

--name=arg Name of object. Used in case when there are no top .discovered
directory. For admin: not required, for reseller and client: login, for
domain: ASCII-name. Used with --get-dump-list

--dump-storage=arg Dump Storage Credentials in format:
[://][@][/], where is 'ftp' or
'local'. Used with --delete-dump, --get-dump-info, --get-ftp-dump-info,
--get-ftp-dump-list, --import-file-as-dump, --export-file-as-file

--mask=arg Regex to search backup files. Used with --get-ftp-dump-list

--dump-file-specification=arg Path to the dump file. Used with
--import-file-as-dump, --delete-dump, --get-dump-info. For commands
--get-dump-info - relative to dump storage path.

--dump-specification=arg Path to an .xml file. Used with
--export-dump-as-file, --delete-dump. Relative to dump storage path

--storage-type=arg (=local) Dump storage type. Used with

--session-path=arg (=path) Session path.

--dump-rotation=arg Maximum counts of backup in the storage. Used with

--storage-structured Used with centralized storage

--domain-guid=arg Guid of domain. Used with --get-domain-dumps-disc-usage

--owner-guid=arg Guid of object's owner. Used with

--file-from=arg Path to source file.

--file-to=arg Path to destination file.

--check-sign Check sign of dump

--use-ftp-passive-mode Use passive mode with ftp operations

--verbose Log verbose.

--debug Log debug.

"%plesk_bin%\pmm-ras.exe" --export-dump-as-file "--dump-specification=relative\path\to\backup.xml" "--dump-file-specification=full\path\to\"

Once the packaged backup is created, you can transfer it to your server here
by any means (FTP, RDP, etc.) and then either upload it to the Plesk interface
or manually extract it to the Plesk backup directory.


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